Users Manual
Electronic Document Management System (eDocMS)

Note: See resources directory for additional resources like style sheet, VSS templates, etc.

Step 1 - Start up

Double Click on the eDocMS icon on you desktop as shown below.

Desktop icon

Step 2 - Enter Data

Select [Data Entry] Tab and enter the document you want to have links to.
The Document Path can be :

Enter some keywords in the bottom grid. These are words that you think you will use to access the document.
Warning: If you don't choose a Category, the default Category of "All" will be used.

Data Entry

Step 3 - Lookup

Select [Look Up] Tab and enter a keyword that you think it might be associated with the document you are looking for.

Look Up

Other Buttons

Refresh - This button fetches or refresh the screen to get the latest data you just entered.

Open - This button opens the document that you are looking for.

VSS Buttons - These buttons are used for MS Visual Source Safe Version Control Software. These are advanced features. Please contact us for further instructions on this feature.